Halftime: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DETROIT -- After the gameday deactivations were announced, the most interesting thing that has happened at Ford Field is a loud round of "Let's go Lions" chants. (And yes, this is still a Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants game.)

That chant came after a 10-minute "wave" that was followed briefly by the rarely-employed "reverse wave."

Yes, this is Bizarro World in every way imaginable. A crowd announced at 45,910 has been loud and festive, but not particularly attentive. It was odd to watch Vikings defensive end Jared Allen try to summon crowd noise before a third-down pass rush. I don't think anyone was watching him long enough to respond.

I don't particularly blame the fans here. This was an abominably played first half, one the New York Giants finished with a 14-3 lead. Giants quarterback Eli Manning has thrown two interceptions, bringing his 4.5-game career total against the Vikings to 11.

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson hasn't been any better, despite numbers that might look good to someone who hasn't watched the game. He has completed 10 of 13 passes for 77 yards, but that doesn't include three Keystone Kops moments that should do nothing to deter the Vikings from drafting a quarterback in 2011.

In the first quarter, Jackson collided with tailback Adrian Peterson on a botched running play, causing both players to limp off the field after knocking knees. In the second quarter, a deep pass toward receiver Bernard Berrian down the right sideline landed about 10 yards out of bounds. Finally, Jackson allowed a shotgun snap to slip through his hands for a tidy 15-yard loss on third-and-9.

More in a bit. We'll go through this world together.