BBAO: Who exactly wants to play at TCF?

We’re Black and Blue All Over:

The latest weather forecast for Monday night in the Twin Cities: A low of 3 degrees, a 30 percent chance of snow and wind chills around minus-8. I would imagine playing in that type of weather will be a shock to many players, especially on a non-heated field that as of late Wednesday night was still coated by a sheet of ice. The location of Monday night's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears remains unconfirmed, and it seems the primary reason the Vikings want it to be at TCF Bank Stadium is to cap off a weekend celebration of their 50th anniversary team in retro, outdoors style.

Players don't have much of a say in the matter, but it doesn't mean they have to like it. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe offered this sarcastic (I think) tweet: "Dear Twitter followers. I regret to inform you that upon hearing the news of playing at [TCF], my hamstring involuntarily exploded. Good day." Kluwe also jokingly asked where he should hide his flask during the game.

In all seriousness, the unprecedented nature of the switch from the Metrodome to TCF Bank Stadium has got a few people jumpy. The Vikings have yet to confirm the game’s location, but the Associated Press quoted Vikings vice president of public affairs Lester Bagley saying: "We're confident that we're going to have a great experience. It's our celebration of our 50th season, and we're going to end it the way we began. We beat the Bears in our first game, and we're going to beat them again this year."

That quote was buried in a news story but still found its way to Bears safety Chris Harris, who tweeted: "I'm curious as to how Lester Bagley (Vikings VP of public affairs) can guarantee a win n you're not stepping a foot on the field #notsmart."

It's on now.

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