TCF BankWatch: The mystery deadline

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Here is one of the more amazing things I’ve heard Thursday about Location TBA Stadium fiasco: The Minnesota Vikings have established an internal deadline to decide where Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears will be played.

One problem: They haven’t told anyone when it is, including the 63,000 or so people who own a ticket to the game.

Interim coach Leslie Frazier, the only team official who has spoken publicly about the issue Thursday, confirmed the existence of a "cut-off point" but said it was not his place to reveal it. Frazier said that "everything I’ve been told" suggests the game will be at TCF Bank Stadium but also acknowledged that "of course, things could change."


It’s always possible that I’m overreacting, but something smells fishy to me.

First, I feel for Frazier. He should not be thrust in the position of team spokesman on what is a non-football issue. Frazier has enough on his plate right now, including the likelihood that he will be starting rookie quarterback Joe Webb in this game.

Second, I realize this is an unprecedented situation, but the lack of official information from the Vikings is startling. They are intentionally stringing out their ticket holders, and the Bears, until an unspecified time -- at which point it’s possible the game will be moved to a neutral site.

In fact, the Vikings’ highest priority appears to be not rescheduling their 50th anniversary celebration, long ago planned for Sunday and Monday. Sorry. In the NFL, the game is always the top priority. Being unwilling to confirm the location of that game four days before it’s supposed to be played, no matter what the situation, strikes me as incredible.

More to come.