Thompson: Nothing personal with Favre

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- I think I deserve some sort of medal for making it through a full day of Green Bay minicamp without mentioning Brett Favre.

I'll take your submissions here -- and then your tomatoes here for what follows.

I caught up Tuesday morning with Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson, and I'll sprinkle portions of our interview on the blog in the coming days. We discussed the rejuvenated NFC North, the skills of rookie defensive lineman B.J. Raji the unique position Thompson faces as a young team matures into contract-extension territory.

Afterwards, I felt obliged to ask Thompson if he was taking it personally that Favre plans to play for Minnesota, a division rival that Thompson worked very hard to keep him from last summer.

"No," Thompson said. "No, no, no."

So I asked Thompson if he was at peace with the situation as it appears to be playing out.

"It was a tough time," Thompson said. "A tough time for everybody."

A tough time in the past tense?

"Tough time for everybody," Thompson said.

I doubt you're going to get anyone associated with the Packers to cut open a vein and express their true feelings about the situation, at least not anytime soon. I think they know the extent to which the Favre circus derailed them last summer, and they'll be working hard to steer clear of the subject for quite some time.

I'll follow that lead, at least for now. (Although I hear that video footage of Favre set off a loud series of boos Monday night at a WWE event in Green Bay.) I'm guessing that people who check in to read about Packers minicamp aren't that interested in what players and coaches think about their former quarterback.

We'll give it a few months.

Check back soon for some locker room and practice updates. Next practice starts at 4 p.m. ET.