DraftWatch2011: Big Board debut

It's already that time of year.

Mel Kiper's first Big Board of 2011 is posted.

You'll need an Insider subscription to view the entire list, in which Kiper ranks the top 25 draft-eligible players. (Some are underclassmen who have yet to declare.) But here is what I can tell you: Stanford junior Andrew Luck is the first of five quarterbacks included and No. 1 overall. Kiper wrote that there is "no true consensus" for who should follow Luck, but below I've given you Kiper's rankings for the the rest of them. The list should be of particular interest to those of you would would like to see the Minnesota Vikings draft a quarterback this spring:

9. Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)

13. Cam Newton (Auburn)

17. Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)

25. Jake Locker (Washington)

Remember, the 2011 draft will take place whether or not the NFL locks out its players this offseason.