Return to Atlanta: James Jones' thumb

While giving the Green Bay Packers a Free Head Exam on Monday, we wondered if a thumb injury had contributed to receiver James Jones dropping what would have been a long touchdown pass just before halftime of the Packers' wild-card playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jones appeared with our friends on "The D-List" over at 540 ESPN and had this to say, courtesy sportsradiointerviews.com:

"I am battling a thumb injury, but now, that had zero effect. It was just a drop by me. I have no excuses for that, just was a drop. I am a better player than that. I just have to make that play. It is the playoffs. We need that play. I am out there because I can make that play. It had nothing to do with that thumb injury. Bad play by number 89."

Kudos to Jones for refusing to blame the drop on an ailment that hasn't been listed on the Packers' injury report. Thumb issue or not, he should have caught the ball -- and he knows it. If he has a similar opportunity Saturday night against the Atlanta Falcons, Jones has to capitalize.