Double Coverage: Cutler and much more

July, 29, 2009
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  A trade in April sent Kyle Orton (8) to Denver and Jay Cutler to Chicago.

Posted by's Kevin Seifert and Bill Williamson

This week's edition of Double Coverage started with bloggers Bill Williamson and Kevin Seifert discussing the lasting impact of the Jay Cutler trade. It morphed into a discussion of Brandon Marshall's status in Denver and also touched on recent news surrounding unemployed quarterbacks Brett Favre and Michael Vick.

Podcast: Football Today
Kevin Seifert and Bill Williamson join Jeremy Green to discuss the impact of the Jay Cutler trade, Brandon Marshall, Brett Favre's decision and Roger Goodell's ruling on Michael Vick. Football Today
But let's review how Cutler came to the NFC North.

In April, the Chicago Bears acquired the disgruntled Denver Broncos quarterback in a trade, giving up quarterback Kyle Orton and first-round picks in 2009 (18th overall) and 2010, along with a third-round pick (84th overall) in this year's draft to do it.

There was tons of competition for Cutler, and the Bears beat out at least four other teams to land the 25-year-old Pro Bowl QB.

The trade was made after the relationship between Cutler and Denver coach Josh McDaniels reached an impasse. Cutler asked to be traded when he found out McDaniels tried to acquire Matt Cassel in a trade with the Patriots.

Listen to the full podcast, where you'll hear:

  • Seifert suggest that Cutler makes Chicago the early favorite in the NFC North.
  • Williamson point out that the Broncos are happy with their return on the trade but aren't likely to be a better team with Orton.
  • Scout's Inc.'s Jeremy Green wonder if Marshall will remain in Denver.
  • Everyone wonder if Favre really means it this time.
  • And much, much more.



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