XLV: Nick Barnett is 'really happy'

OK. I wanted to pass along what I believe will be the final word on an issue that proved more significant than I think some of us originally anticipated. Here is what Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett told Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee.com about the team's decision to include injured players in their Super Bowl XLV photograph:

"Not only was it important for me, but also the 15 others that were afraid to say how they felt. If you are going to be a leader you sometimes have to take steps that are not that popular. But a couple guys called me today to tell me thank you. That felt as rewarding as anything I have ever done. I'm really happy about this. Being a part of this picture means everything. It's everything we worked for."

As you recall, Barnett first raised the issue Tuesday via Twitter.

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