Dilfer: 'Slobbering' over Cam Newton

If ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer is right, there is no way that Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton will be available when the Minnesota Vikings make the No. 12 overall pick in the 2011 draft.

Dilfer attended Newton's media-only throwing session Thursday near San Diego and came away convinced that Newton will "skyrocket" up draft boards after NFL scouts see what he saw Thursday. Dilfer said Newton is a "gifted, gifted passer" who has the right "DNA" to be an elite quarterback at the professional level.

Scouts Inc. currently has Newton ranked as the No. 28 overall prospect in the draft. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has said he would like to acquire a long-term answer at quarterback this offseason. But it might acquire some maneuvering for it to be Newton.

Dilfer and ESPN's Shelley Smith have more details in the video below.