Previewing Chicago's third preseason game

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Below are three things on my mind heading into Chicago's game Sunday night at Denver. Remember, you can catch Jeff Dickerson's Bears blog here. AFC West maven Bill Williamson and I will also be checking on at some point Sunday evening. You can also watch the game live on NBC.

  1. I hate to keep picking on Tommie Harris, but I'm still waiting to see something -- anything -- that suggests he will be an impact player in 2009. From what I saw of last week's game against the New York Giants, Harris was just playing pattycake. (That's what we call it when a defensive lineman just puts his hands on the offensive lineman and slaps him a few times, but doesn't get upfield.) Tommie, give me a sack or a tackle for loss -- or, just a tackle -- to alleviate those concerns.

  2. Devin Hester is expected to return punts for the first time this preseason. Will we see any juice out of him? He was a complete non-factor on special teams last season while adjusting to his role as a full-time receiver. The Bears have permanently relieved him of kickoff return duties, but they're hoping to get some production out of him as a punt returner. Dickerson wonders if Hester will fair catch all of his opportunities Sunday. Goodness. I hope not.

  3. To be honest with you, I'm not that interested in Jay Cutler's return to Denver. In my experience, preseason "drama" rarely lives up to the hype. The Broncos and their fans have bigger problems than Cutler's departure, and Cutler would have to be awfully sinister to try to show up the Broncos after they gave him his wish and shipped him out of town. Who knows, maybe Kyle Orton (four interceptions this preseason) will get booed louder than Cutler. But if you want to whet your Cutler appetite, check out Williamson's post here or Dickerson's Bears post here. Melissa Isaacson of ESPN Chicago also explored the issue here.