Linehan blows a fuse

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

During my time covering Scott Linehan in Minnesota, I wouldn't have characterized him as a fire and brimstone guy. Like most coaches, Linehan had a temper. But I rarely saw him really let loose during practice.

It sounds like Tuesday was one of those days for Detroit's new offensive coordinator, however. After one particularly sloppy drill, Linehan stopped practice and, according to coach Jim Schwartz, gave the offense an “ear full."
Schwartz: “They didn't have a very good period on the third down period, and we were getting ready to do a red zone period, and he brought them up and gave them an ear full, and I think they responded really well. I think [Daunte Culpepper's] group went like three touchdowns right in a row to lead that series off. And sometimes practice starts to lull a little bit and you have to get the players attention a little bit and let them know, ‘Hey, this isn't acceptable [and] we're not going to continue in this vein.' Scott was embarrassed about their performance and they did something about it."
By all accounts, the Lions turned in a terrible performance in Saturday night's preseason loss at Cleveland. It's good to know the showing didn't go over well internally.