Steward boosts Ray Edwards' boxing hopes

In the video below, renowned boxing trainer Emanuel Steward lays some significant praise on Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, who has expressed interest in a boxing career during the NFL lockout and beyond.

I suppose we should all be wary of what anyone says from the hyperbole-filled world of boxing, but Steward said Edwards has exceptional speed "for such a big man" and made the rational point that the heavyweight level has been wide open for some time.

"There's hardly any talent [there]," Steward said. "I actually don't see that much coming up even in the amateur program. ... Ray, because of his size and his agility, could catch on and move to the top quickly. Heavyweights can do that. There is not that much competition."

Edwards is in contract limbo with the Vikings and his return is uncertain at best. Speaking about boxing last month, he said: "I can be the greatest that ever did it."

So he at least has a firm grip on the hype part of the sport.