A victory of sorts for the Lions

In a modest change to their recent tampering punishment, the Detroit Lions have regained their seventh-round pick in next month's NFL draft.

My NFC West Mike Sando has already updated a spreadsheet (available to everyone) that now lists the Lions with six total picks, including the No. 205 they had previously forfeited after the NFL found them guilty of tampering with a Kansas City Chiefs player under contract.

The Lions appealed the ruling, and in what I guess we should call a semi-victory, the NFL instead will take away their No. 7 pick in 2012. Some of you will ask what difference that makes. In theory, a future draft pick is less valuable than a current one because the team gets the potential benefit of an additional player for the upcoming season.

The previously-enforced swap in the fifth round, which left the Lions picking at No. 154 overall instead of No. 140, remains intact.

The Lions now have six picks in next month's draft.

With that, I'll conclude the longest post I've ever written about a swap of seventh-round picks.