Cutler as a 'viper'

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

If you have an ESPN Insider subscription, I highly recommend you check out David Fleming's essay on Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler's "split personality." Fleming describes Cutler as "an annoyed viper -- with a frat boy haircut and a slight double chin."

Consider this anecdote as evidence of the way Cutler approaches his job:
During Jay Cutler's first week of practice as the Bears' new quarterback, a rookie wide receiver dared to shag a few of his passes with just one hand. And even though this rookie, third-round pick Juaquin Iglesias, had been lectured a few times by coaches about the importance of proper technique, he was slow to break his annoying little habit. So when it happened again one afternoon, Cutler followed his pass upfield, darted toward Iglesias and screamed into his face mask: "If you ever do that again I will never throw another f--ing pass to you. EVER!"Interesting. We'll have more on Cutler for you as his Sunday night return to Denver approaches.