Gruden QB camp: Blaine Gabbert

Of the clips I've seen from his QB camp, ESPN's Jon Gruden saved his most direct criticism for Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

Most of the video below centers around Gabbert's well-publicized inexperience taking snaps from center after a college career spent mostly in the shotgun. It started getting interesting when Gabbert said he worked on taking the snap from center "every day in practice."

"You do?" Gruden asked rhetorically.

Soon, Gruden was showing practice film of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning "working his butt off" to get into backfield position after taking a center snap. Then he compared it to film of Gabbert's pro day last month.

Gruden: "So when I watch Manning working his butt off -- what is he 36, 37 years old? Who knows what he is. And then I watch this young Tiger out of Missouri. You've got a little left knee crouched below the right. Left foot back behind the right. Size 16 1/2 shoe? Huh, Blaine?"

"Fourteen," Gabbert interjects.

"Hat on backwards?" Gruden continues. "Are you really exploding out of there? What do you think?"

"No," Gabbert said.

Like any coach, I'm sure Gruden got a kick out of finding an area of weakness for an otherwise well-prepared college quarterback. Like Auburn's Cam Newton, I'm not sure that any NFC North team is going to have a chance to draft Gabbert. But once again, it's fascinating to see a Super Bowl champion coach put specifics into what to this point has been a general criticism.