Tillman meets daughter's donor family

April, 20, 2011
Some of you might know the story of Tiana Tillman, the daughter of Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman who received a life-saving heart transplant in 2008. If you happened to be watching "The Oprah Show" on Tuesday, you saw the other half of that story and a scene that was both gut-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time.

For the first time, Tillman and his family met the donor family. The heart had come from 9-week-old Armando Garcia, who died in a hospital in Minnesota. His mother, Magali, agreed to donate his heart -- a decision that saved Tiana's life.

I can't embed the video here, but you can follow this link to watch a clip of the families' meeting. It was hard not to keep my eyes trained on Magali as she looked at Tiana and saw, perhaps, her son as well.

"There's nothing I can say to thank you enough and for you to understand what you saying yes did for us that day, because you gave her life," says Tillman's' wife, Jackie.



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