Mike McCarthy on players: 'They'll be ready'

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Jason Wilde's interview with Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy over at ESPNMilwaukee.com. McCarthy riffed on topics ranging from offseason workouts to the length of the grass behind his house. For those interested, and I know BuildingWithClay is one of them, McCarthy made clear he is fine with Packers players choosing not to organize mass workouts during the lockout.

McCarthy: "I’m more interested in them being together as a group for Greg Jennings' event or Donald Driver's event. I think that's as important as them going onto the field and trying to manufacture a practice. I think anytime you have a group of people, especially professionals, there's other factors involved that obviously have to deal with risk.

"Part of our business in the training environment is risk assessment. It's important for these players when they do come together for the first time that there's a progression you go through as you get ready as a group. I know in my heart that every one of them has been taking care of business on an individual basis, and I know some of them have gotten together in small groups. They’ll be ready.

"I just think they have to be very smart when they do go out there. You really don't want them in a competitive environment. I wouldn't be interested in seeing the offense going against the defense. I don't think that risk is worth it. But anytime the perimeter guys can have a chance to throw the ball around, work on some timing elements, I think that's healthy. But really, them being together is the first step, and I think that's positive even if it's at a charity event."

The entire interview is available on podcast.