BBAO: Comparing Jay Cutler's career arc

We're Black and Blue All Over:

I hope everyone had an outstanding weekend and is ready for a full week of NFC North bloggage. I know I am.

We start this week with Dan Pompei's look at the career arc of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler this weekend in the Chicago Tribune. Pompei compared Cutler's career to 10 other established starting quarterbacks and found a few lessons to be learned.

Among them: Cutler's production matches up favorably, but his career winning percentage ranks last among the group in part because he's one of only two to change teams over his first five years. Pompei's conclusion: "The circumstances of Cutler's career make it difficult to judge him. We should find out if he has the fiber that made [Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben] Roethlisberger a champion in the coming seasons, assuming he continues to mesh with [offensive coordinator Mike] Martz and Bears receivers. Cutler has an excellent base to build on. If he has the will and stability around him, he still can become a premier quarterback."

Cutler's career certainly was sidetracked when he departed the Denver Broncos, a move he must share significant responsibility for. But he advanced to the playoffs for the first time in his career in 2010, and at age 28, it's too early to make any permanent career judgments.

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