The price of defending a teammate

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Now we know the price of security for Minnesota receiver Percy Harvin: $10,000.

That’s what the NFL fined Vikings quarterback Brett Favre for a crackback block Monday against Houston. Favre, you might recall, said he blocked Texans defensive back Eugene Wilson to protect Harvin from getting hit on a Wildcat running play. Wilson was not seriously injured on the play, but the block was illegal under NFL rules.

Here’s how Favre explained his actions Monday night:

“[M]y intention, believe me, was not to hurt anyone, including myself. Percy was running my way. I was out there. There's going to be those people who say you should have done nothing, [just] get out of the way. But I think had I not blocked anyone and just gotten out of the way, and Percy gets hit and gets hurt, I think it looks worse."

Except on the Favre family balance sheet.