Another ominous sign for Nick Fairley

Oh, boy.

You've probably seen the news: Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley met with renowned foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson on Wednesday morning. Fairley, of course, hasn't practiced since suffering an unspecified injury during a practice Monday.

We have no idea about the condition of Fairley's foot, but players typically don't visit Anderson for minor ailments. Among other things, he is an expert at treating stress fractures and Lisfranc sprains.

If you're a Lions fan, you're hoping Anderson tells Fairley that he has neither injury. If you're also a realist, well ...

Here's what Lions coach Jim Schwartz had this to say after the team's morning practice:

"After [Fairley] left the field on Monday, we did some additional tests. We had some concerns about his foot. He was being seen late during practice, so we haven't heard [anything]. As soon as we hear his opinion and course of action, we'll let you guys know."

Check back for more information ... if you can bear it.