Update: On Roy Williams and Ryan Grant

Let's update two discussions we ramped up earlier Wednesday:

First, in an interview with local reporters, Chicago Bears receiver Roy Williams questioned whether he actually dropped a much-discussed pass in the first quarter of Monday's preseason game against the New York Giants. (Earlier: Williams has been dropping passes for years.)

Here's how that portion of the question and answer session went, courtesy Jeff Dickerson of ESPNChicago.com:

What about the drops in New York?

Roy Williams: "The drops? What happened? Who had a drop? I had a drop? I didn't have a drop, but if you want to count it you can. I think the DB made a great play to knock it out as soon as it got into my hands, so I didn't drop the ball. But if you want to call it a drop, go ahead. You said I had another one, too?

The one what went through your hands.

RW: "It went through my hands? The slant? Yeah, I got to catch that ball, man. My fault. I'll catch it next time, coach."

Let's just say that Williams appears to have taken up residence on the shores of a river in Egypt. Anyone who considers himself a front-line NFL receiver needs to make that catch.

Second, Adam Caplan of The Sideline View adds another layer to our discussion about the future of Green Bay Packers tailback Ryan Grant. According to Caplan, Grant restructured his contract this month. As part of the deal, he lowered his base salary by about $1 million.

I'm not sure if this news changes anything about the crux of the discussion: Whether the Packers would be tempted to use Grant's roster spot to prevent the loss of a younger player.

More often than not, players who agree to new restructured deals do so under the assumption it will enhance their chance of making the team. But there is nothing preventing the Packers from trading or releasing Grant before the season as a result. If anything, the lower base salary might make it easier to trade him. Stay tuned.