Brett Favre's streak appears safe

You've heard the news by now: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will pull back from his neck rehabilitation and is doubtful for Sunday's regular-season opener against the Houston Texans. Barring an unexpected change of course, it appears Manning's streak of 208 consecutive starts will end.

FavreFavreManningManningThat event will remind us how incredible Brett Favre's NFL record (297 consecutive starts) is and how difficult it will be for anyone to break it. Keep in mind that Manning is 35, has started every Colts game since the beginning of the 1998 season -- and he still would have needed to play the equivalent of six more seasons to overtake Favre.

As NFC West colleague Mike Sando points out, those who trail Manning stand even less of a chance of approaching Favre's mark. Next up is Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber, who at 179 games would need to play another eight seasons to do it. Barber is 36 years old.

Just as significant from a historical impact: The injury sets back Manning's pursuit of Favre's NFL records for completions, attempts, yardage and touchdowns. As we discussed in May, Manning is at least 3 1/2 seasons away from breaking any of those records, and even that projection was based on both a continuation of his career averages and consecutive games-played streak.

We've hardly mentioned Favre this summer and I don't intend any gratuitous posts moving forward. But on this occasion, it's worth noting the impact of Manning's injury on Favre's legacy.