BBAO: Bears make use of tight ends

We're Black and Blue All Over:

The Chicago Bears disappointed many of their fans and confused many of the players in their locker room when they traded tight end Greg Olsen just before training camp. But as Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune points out, Sunday's season-opening victory over the Atlanta Falcons provided a good explanation for the move.

Olsen's replacements, Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth, lined up next to each other on a number of running plays to seal the edge. There were also some occasions when the Bears used an unbalanced line that essentially made the tight end a left tackle.

Olsen is a strong pass-catcher but an average blocker. Using him in the kind of role Davis and Spaeth played Sunday isn't the best utilization of his talents. You could argue the Bears could have adjusted their scheme to make better use of Olsen's skills. But if they weren't going to do that, it appears they have two tight ends who are better suited for the role that Bears tight ends will be asked to play.

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