BBAO: A passing frenzy in most NFL cities

We're Black and Blue All Over:

We mentioned this note in Tuesday's Stock Watch post, but it's worth repeating here in the Air and Space division: NFL teams combined for a single-week record total of passing yards in Week 1: 7,482.

That number was inflated by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who amassed 517 yards on his own. But it was also, well, deflated by the stunning total of 39 put up by the Donovan McNabb of the Minnesota Vikings. So if you take out the high and low numbers, you see that the other 30 NFL teams averaged 230 passing yards per game in Week 1.

There's no sense taking any cheap shots at the Vikings' total. We've already discussed it in a number of forums. But as preparations begin in earnest for Week 2, it's worth noting that statistically speaking, the NFL has never been more a passing league than it is right now. You can't win without one.

Continuing around the NFC North: