Priority, not favorites, dictate Woodson fine

Over the weekend, we discussed in detail Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson's punch of New Orleans Saints tight end David Thomas and suggested Woodson almost certainly would be fined in addition to the 15-yard penalty he received. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the news Wednesday afternoon: It's a $10,000 fine.

Contrary to some of the chatter I've already seen on Twitter, however, this wasn't a case of favoritism toward a respected player or a Super Bowl champion. Quite frankly, an NFL player is better off punching someone after the whistle than he is making contact with him anywhere near the head during the course of a play. If Woodson had drilled Thomas under the chin as he lunged for a pass, you can bet the NFL would have fined Woodson a lot more than $10,000. That's where the league's discipline focus lies right now.

In this case, Woodson received the standard graduated NFL fine for a second offense. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Woodson has been fined on one other occasion for a personal foul ($7,500). So we can now close the book on this episode. Woodson's out-of-character punch cost the Packers 15 yards and his checking account $10,000. Case closed.