'Coach's decision' on Bernard Berrian

Circling back on our earlier post, Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier told reporters Sunday afternoon that receiver Bernard Berrian was deactivated as a "coach's decision" that was unrelated to his well-publicized but otherwise irrelevant Twitter exchange with a Minnesota state representative last week.

"Just looking at where we were as a team and what we're trying to get accomplished," Frazier said after the Vikings' 34-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. "That was it, just looking at the bigger picture of what we have to get done as a football team. That's not to say it will continuously be this way. But there were some things that we needed to get done that had to get done."

Frazier admitted that discipline was involved. But asked specifically about the Twitter episode, Frazier said: "No, nothing to do with that. Nothing to do with the Twitter issue."

Earlier, while speaking with the Vikings' flagship KFAN radio, Frazier said the Vikings "had some things we were taking care of internally and we made a decision that this was the best thing for our team today."

I, for one, feel better. I'm taking Frazier at his word here. Although he didn't offer specifics, Frazier seemed to suggest this was a football/locker room issue and not a political one.

You can absolutely make an argument for benching Berrian over his low production this season. And perhaps something happened behind the scenes, to this point unreported, that justified a one-game plummet down the depth chart. But punishing Berrian for a harmless-back-and-forth with a fan he was unlikely to know was an elected official stadium supporter? That would have been tough to justify.