Jerome Harrison wore visor for headaches

We still don't know the exact diagnosis or prognosis for Detroit Lions running back Jerome Harrison. What we do know is that Harrison's brain tumor, found earlier this week by a Philadelphia Eagles team doctor, necessitated prompt surgery.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press is reporting Harrison was scheduled for surgery Friday afternoon. The procedure is presumably taking place near Detroit; Lions coach Jim Schwartz told reporters he visited Harrison earlier Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Lions players told Birkett that Harrison had been suffering from headaches prior to his since-voided trade to the Eagles. The headaches were significant enough for Harrison to wear sunglasses, and later a visor, during practice.

There is no sense speculating what the Lions' medical staff did, or didn't do, in response to those headaches. Those answers will emerge in due time, I presume. What's important for the moment is Harrison is getting the treatment he needs now.