Mike McCarthy on gunning (or not) for 16-0

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Green Bay Packers are 12-0. They've clinched a playoff spot and could win the NFC North title as early as Sunday night if the Detroit Lions lose to the New Orleans Saints.

But the question everyone wants answered: Will the Packers go for a 16-0 regular season record? Or will they rest and/or protect some of their key players late in the season in preparation for a second consecutive run at the Super Bowl?

Packers coach Mike McCarthy clearly has thought about the answer but won't reveal it until the Packers have nothing tangible left to play for. Speaking after the Packers' 38-35 victory over the New York Giants, McCarthy said: "When we have home field advantage, which is our goal after the division [title], I'll be ready and locked and loaded to talk about that."

My sense of McCarthy's personality is that he'll really struggle to pull back his horses. On the other hand, winning the Super Bowl is more important than 16-0. So what I'm saying is I really don't know what he's going to do.

Guesses, anyone?