Favre's ideal destination: Tampa Bay?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It's a big "if." But if the Green Bay Packers grant Brett Favre's request to be released, allowing him to sign with any NFL team, where would Favre land?

To answer that question, you would have to consider at least three issues:

  • Does the team have a playoff-caliber roster?

  • Would Favre have a connection with the coaching staff?

  • Is a West Coast offense in place?

On paper, at least, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers best fit that criteria. Their interest in Favre is unknown, but over the years coach Jon Gruden rarely has been satisfied with his team's quarterback situation. (See Johnson, Brad. Griese, Brian. Simms, Chris. Gradkowsi, Bruce. Plummer, Jake. And Garcia, Jeff.)

Gruden was a Green Bay assistant during Favre's first three seasons there, from 1992-95, and thus has a personal connection. Playoff caliber? The Bucs return the core group that won the NFC South last season.

Finally, Tampa Bay runs a version of the West Coast offense, similar to the one Favre has used for almost his entire career.

The type of offense is not a dealbreaker. But a West Coast scheme represents his best chance for making a strong impact from the first day of training camp. He -- and his new team -- will want to hit the ground running.

To be clear, there is no indication the Bucs have any interest in Favre. But maybe they should.

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