Definitive Lions playoff scenarios from NFL

I'm sorry for whatever confusion I've contributed to in what has turned out to be a complex set of playoff scenarios for the Detroit Lions. Fortunately, nothing I've posted has been inaccurate. I just didn't cover every possibility. With Week 15 now complete, the NFL has released a full set of scenarios for the Lions to clinch a wild-card berth, with either their 10th victory of the season or a series of results from other teams.

Here is a handy copy-and-paste guide. The Lions will clinch a playoff spot, their first since 1999, if any of the following four scenarios occur:

  1. A victory Saturday over the San Diego Chargers.

  2. Losses or ties from by the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys.

  3. Losses or ties from the Bears, Cardinals, Seahawks and Giants

  4. Losses or ties from the Bears, Cardinals and Seahawks and a win from the Atlanta Falcons.

The major addition is that the Cowboys, Giants and Falcons are now involved. If you're a Lions fan, the first scenario is the cleanest and most fulfilling. The same probably goes for bloggers, sportswriters and everyone else who would try figuring out their Week 17 scenarios.