Vikings stadium: Metrodome swan song?

Sunday will mark the Minnesota Vikings' final game at the Metrodome under the terms of the original 30-year lease that came with the stadium's opening in 1982. Technically speaking, the Vikings will be franchise free agents by Feb. 1, 2012 and free to relocate if the NFL signed off on the move.

That scenario seems unlikely, given recent optimism about the chances for legislative approval of a new stadium. But it's still not clear what lies ahead in the immediate future, and continuing negotiations over proposed locations leaves the team's 2012 home stadium in doubt.

It could be the Metrodome under a new short-term lease, if the new stadium site is elsewhere in the Twin Cities. Or it could be the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium, if the decision is made to build on the current Metrodome site.

I've made a last-second and unprecedented decision to veer from Friday's programming note and head out to the Metrodome on Sunday, mostly for stadium-related news. The rest of the day will still play out as planned. Happy New Year.