How does your QB rate on the Dilfer scale?

ESPN does its fair share of rankings, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. But I think you'll find Trent Dilfer's approachInsider to be original and insightful.

You'll need an Insider subscription to see Dilfer's entire ranking of the top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL. But I'm authorized to let you know where he placed the four starters in the NFC North.

Here goes, with definitions of the categories:

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers

Category: Hall of Fame level

Definition: This category is reserved for guys who are considered the current Mount Rushmore among NFL quarterbacks -- they have legacies secured through things already accomplished. The numbers, status among peers, Super Bowl rings and franchise-leader status are all there. Plus, you'll see in each case, losing is a rarity even in a league built for parity. Trajectory is not an issue.

Quarterback: Jay Cutler

Team: Chicago Bears

Category: A Ring Away

Definition: This category reflects quarterbacks who have the shown the ability play at an elite level or are winning at an elite level and need a Super Bowl win to validate the perception of them. They don't have job-security questions and have proven vital within their offenses. Most display a solid career trajectory and have proven themselves as winners, if not title winners.

Quarterback: Matthew Stafford

Team: Detroit Lions

Category: A Ring Away

Definition: See above

Quarterback: Christian Ponder

Category: Short Leash

Definition: Guys who may begin 2012 as starters, but have no guarantee to last without improved performance.