Joe Webb still jumping over tall buildings

We might not always agree on what position Joe Webb should play, but here is one indisputable fact: The man is a jumping fool.

You might remember the pre-draft video that circulated in 2010, showing Webb clearing a pile of blocking bags that stood about 5 feet tall after a running start. Wednesday, Webb posted a video in which he performs a 54-inch standing box jump. It's incredible, and it's available for you to see at the bottom of this post.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said last month at the NFL scouting combine that Webb would be the team's No. 2 quarterback in 2012, and not the kind of multi-positional player some have envisioned him as. But when you have a 6-foot-4 player who can jump like Webb -- remember, he pulled off a 42-inch vertical leap at the 2010 combine -- you wonder if he could at least be a designated Hail Mary receiver. Or something.