Get ready for the #ESPNbloggermock

We NFL bloggers here at ESPN.com are deep in preparations for our second and final mock draft of the draft season. I, for one, am busy trying to drum up trade interest, especially at the Minnesota Vikings' No. 3 overall spot, to jazz this thing up and also get a better sense for some of the possibilities the teams themselves will face starting next Thursday.

The eight divisional bloggers will roll through the draft in a live, interactive format we'll call "Blogger Mock Draft Live" beginning Monday at 1 p.m. ET. The chat module should appear on our NFL page, and I'll try to get it onto the blog as well. You'll have an opportunity to join the conversation with us, similar to the way we handle in-game chats during the season. Or, you can use the hashtag #ESPNbloggermock to have your tweets pulled into the discussion.

See you then. Now, back to the NFC North draft room.