Vikings stadium: Bill set for floor debate

Good Saturday morning. Let's take a brief detour from wall-to-wall draft coverage to let you know that the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill took an important step late Friday night and is now poised to be heard on the floor of both houses of the Minnesota state legislature.

That's the upshot of a contentious but ultimately successful trip Friday night through the Senate Taxes Committee, whose approval paved the way for the bill to be introduced on the Senate floor. The House version of the bill has also completed its committee run, and we could hear as early as Saturday when floor debates could begin.

There isn't much time, as the Associated Press points out in a story filled with the details that most of you don't want to read here. State leaders are hoping to adjourn the 2012 legislative session by Monday at midnight. Before then, the bill would presumably need to be heard, debated and approved on both floors.

That means one of the most important events in franchise history could occur smack dab in the middle of draft weekend. We'll keep you updated but, hopefully, not overwhelmed.