FavreWatch: Approaching 40

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Circumstances prevented us from attending Brett Favre’s weekly media gathering Wednesday, but the miracle of modern science (and team transcripts) allows us to join the throng in wishing him a happy 40th birthday Saturday. And, while we’re at it, good luck.

Among all of his other potential accomplishments this season, Favre is hoping to become the first 40-year-old quarterback to start a playoff game in NFL history. Only one quarterback aged 40 or older, Warren Moon, has made a Pro Bowl. None has started 16 games in a season.

Speaking to reporters at Minnesota’s practice facility, Favre said he gets no extra satisfaction from his early-season performance as he approaches the age milestone.

Favre: “I am pleased with the play I’ve played. It’s four games. There are 12 games left. Hopefully we go on after that. Believe me, I know as well as anybody how long a season can be and more so, for an older guy mentally. Physically, you are going to feel the aches and pains. There is no doubt about that, but mentally, being able to overcome them and get through the week [are important]. So I don’t know if there is any added feeling on my part that, ‘Hey, look at me, I’m playing.’ It’s what I expected to do. It’s what I’ve always expected to do. If I’m going to play, I want to play well. I can’t use age as an excuse, although people want to do that, good or bad. So it just is what it is. I just hope I continue to play and lead at the level I have to this point.”

In recent memory, one of the few graybeard success stories has been former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, who started 16 games and led the Giants to the playoffs at age 38 in 1993. The Giants were bounced from the playoffs before Simms was 39, however, and he retired that offseason.