Uni Watch Power Rankings: NFC North

Some of you might be familiar with the work of Paul Lukas, who leads the quite thorough and hugely popular "Uni Watch" coverage on ESPN.com. Until you read some of his stuff, you won't realize how many ways you can evaluate and dissect sports uniforms.

On Friday, Lukas ranked all 122 uniforms in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. NFC North teams found themselves at the top and bottom of this ranking. Below, I've provided each of our teams' ranking among both NFL teams and overall, along with some comments:

Chicago Bears

NFL: 1

Overall: 2

Lukas: "True, the helmet design is starting to look a tad dated. But the striped sleeves, striped socks (now a rarity in the NFL, alas), unique number font, and even the perma-memorial to Papa Bear all score major points, and the Bears may be the only team in the league who look as sharp on the road as they do at home. The cream of the NFL crop."

Seifert: There's a reason the Bears have been wearing essentially the same uniform since the 1950's.

Green Bay Packers

NFL: 2

Overall: 6

Lukas: "Green and gold is the perfect autumnal color palette for a fall sport, the road design just about holds its own with the home uni, and the Pack's helmet logo still feels vibrant and relevant (unlike, say, the Bears' logo, which is starting to feel dated). Green Bay also has leapfrogged ahead of most NFL teams by not switching to the new Nike collar. Only two quibbles: The TV numbers have gotten intrusively large, and my kingdom for some striped socks."

Me: I'm just glad the Packers have done away with those 1929 throwbacks.

Detroit Lions

NFL: 26

Overall: 108

Lukas: "Matt Millen may be gone from Detroit, but his ghost lives on in the form of all the black trim on the Lions' uniforms. Every stripe, every numeral, every letter, the color break in the socks, the helmet logo, the facemask -- all accented in black. Look, gang, here's how it works: You've got that Honolulu blue thing going. You should own that color. Don't tart it up with black."

Me: I kind of like the black trim, but that is probably why I'm not writing the Uni Watch blog. Who knew how important trim was?

Minnesota Vikings

NFL: 31

Overall: 119

Lukas: "It didn't seem possible that this design could get any worse -- until they came out with that two-tone collar for this season."

Me: The collar is a little silly. I prefer the Vikings' throwback jerseys, but again, I'm no expert.