Halftime: Vikings 17, Rams 3

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

ST. LOUIS -- Been a strange game here. Minnesota jumped ahead 14-0 before half the people here were in their seats. But they’ve bogged down since, and in reality they’re flat-out lucky to have a 17-3 lead at this point.

St. Louis had two red zone turnovers in the second quarter, one a botched exchange between quarterback Kyle Boller and tailback Steven Jackson. The other was a deflected pass that Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson intercepted. When you add in Boller’s unforced fumble, returned 48 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter by Jared Allen, and you have a team that has largely dug its own hole.

Here are a few other observations as we get the blog in working order here at halftime:

  • I was joking with a colleague during the first half that the Vikings hadn’t targeted receiver Bernard Berrian. A few plays later, quarterback Brett Favre forced a pass to Berrian and badly underthrew it. Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis made the interception.

  • I made this point over at our NFL Nation Live conversation: The Vikings are doing a lot of rotation on their defensive line. I’ve counted eight different players on the field at various times. I wonder if this is a nod toward the quick turnaround from last week’s "Monday Night Football" game.

  • I’ll be interested to see if the Vikings keep passing in the second half, as the Rams defense is inviting them to do, or if they try to settle things down and bust Adrian Peterson toward the line.