Special NFC North chat alert

I'm so excited about our weekly SportsNation chat that I've invited 10 ESPN.com colleagues to join me in an all-day extravaganza. Our time slot remains the same -- from 2 p.m. ET - 3 p.m. ET -- but be advised it could get rowdier than normal. It gets that way around here sometimes. For those with questions, comments or suggestions for others, below is the full schedule. All times are ET.

10 a.m.: Paul Kuharsky, AFC South blogger

10:30 a.m.: Jamison Hensley, AFC North blogger

11 am.: Adam Schefter, NFL Insider

11:30 a.m.: Ashley Fox, NFL columnist

Noon: Dan Graziano, NFC East blogger

1 p.m.: Pat Yasinskas, NFC South blogger

1:30 p.m.: Matt Williamson, NFL Scouts Inc.

2 p.m.: Kevin Seifert, NFC North blogger

3 p.m.: Bill Williamson, AFC West blogger

3:30 p.m.: Mike Sando, NFC West blogger

4 p.m.: James Walker, AFC East blogger