Jaws QB rankings: Jay Cutler, Stafford fall

October, 4, 2012
We continue this week's look at the first quarter of the 2012 season with Ron Jaworski's re-assessment of the quarterback rankings Insider he originally published over the summer. You'll need an Insider subscription to see the entire list as it stands, but my ESPN security clearance authorizes this leak of the four NFC North entries:

Aaron Rodgers
Was: 1
Is: 1
Seifert comment: Rodgers had his best game of the season last Sunday, throwing four touchdown passes against the New Orleans Saints, as the Packers continue adjustments designed to take away the deep pass.

Jay Cutler
Was: 8
Is: 13
Seifert comment: Cutler threw four interceptions in Week 2 and had arguably the best game of his career in Week 4. I'm guessing that from Jaworski's perspective, there has been an intolerable level of inconsistency for an elite quarterback.

Matthew Stafford
Was: 14
Is: 15
Seifert comment: Jaworski is worried about Stafford's mechanics, but the bigger problem is that opponents have exposed the Lions' imbalance on offense.

Christian Ponder
Was: 28
Is: 20
Seifert comment: Ponder is the only NFL starter without an interception and has been put in mostly manageable positions by offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.



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