Ahman Green (!) visits Green Bay

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Maybe you’ve heard by now, but Green Bay worked out two veteran running backs Monday. One of them has a very familiar name: Ahman Green.

Yes, Green and Dominic Rhodes both were brought in for tryouts Monday, according to a source. (This information has also been reported elsewhere.)

The Packers have no obligation to sign either player, and the only cost is the price of a plane ticket. (UPDATE: Actually, Green still lives in the Green Bay area. So no plane ticket for him.) Teams often bring in veterans to test their conditioning to help formulate an emergency plan should one of their own players get injured, but you wonder if the Packers aren’t giving some thought to improving their depth behind starter Ryan Grant. Brandon Jackson and DeShawn Wynn have combined for 25 yards this season.

Green, 32, last played in 2008 for Houston after spending the bulk of his career with the Packers. Rhodes was released by Buffalo last month and hasn’t played in a game this season. Stay tuned.