Cutler on Ochocinco, the red zone and Turner

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Make sure you check out Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler's appearance here Tuesday on ESPN 1000. Some snippets of his conversation with Waddle and Silvy:

  • On his Twitter battle with Cincinnati receiver Chad Ochocinco: “I’m going to have to bow out of that.”

  • On the Bears’ red zone mistakes Sunday night at Atlanta: “We've got to get better. I've got to get better. The whole team in general, we've just got to do some things to help us win ballgames. We're just not getting it done with the turnovers and interceptions. The trouble in the red zone, [the Falcons] didn't really do anything to really stop us. I think the entire offense felt good about our game plan and what we had going into it. It was just a matter of us making mistakes and making costly mistakes, really. Turnovers and penalties in the red zone; you just can't do that and expect to be a good offense."

  • On the performance of offensive coordinator Ron Turner: “Ron is doing a good job. He asks my opinion a lot during the game. Whenever we've got time on the sideline they ask me how I feel about it. If I don't like it, I'll say no, let's do something else. Nine times out of 10 they will give you something else. It's a work in progress not only for him but the entire offense. Ron has some new weapons and a new quarterback so we're all working together. Luckily enough for us there is still a lot of football left."