Have at It: Postseason possibilities

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Minnesota has a bye this week, making it an awfully difficult chore for me to develop interesting blog items. Initially for this week’s Have at It, I was going to suggest you debate the following question. What’s worse: A weekend without Vikings football or 48 hours of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard?

(Sarcasm. Haha. Funny. I joke. You laugh. Onward.)

At the rough midpoint of the season, the Vikings (7-1) hold a 2.5-game lead in the NFC North over Chicago (4-3) and Green Bay (4-3). My actual first idea was to ask you which team, the Bears or Packers, has the best chance of overtaking the Vikings during the second half of the season.

Ultimately, however, the answer would be too easy. The Vikings can’t be overtaken. (More sarcasm. Haha. Funny. I joke more. You keep laughing.) Seriously, I think most everyone would chose Chicago in that scenario considering it has both games remaining against Minnesota, while the Green Bay-Minnesota series is over.

So we’ll broaden it out. When the season began, I somewhat optimistically suggested the NFC North had a chance to account for both NFC wild-card spots. That possibility isn’t looking too likely these days, as you can see from the NFC standings in the chart at the bottom of this post.

So we’ll ask you this: Which team, Green Bay or Chicago, has the best chance of making the playoffs in 2009? I’ve included both teams’ remaining schedules for your reference. I’m sure you’ll notice the Bears have three December games at Soldier Field, all of which should be a huge advantage, while Green Bay plays three of its final four games on the road.

As always, I’ll cull a representative sample of your thoughts and post them Friday morning along with my own two cents. Have at It.