Curly Lambeau: No. 10 all time on ESPN list

June, 2, 2013
Curly Lambeau, who checks in at No. 10 on ESPN's ranking of the best coaches in NFL history, wasn't just the Green Bay Packers' first coach.

A Green Bay native, Lambeau helped organize the initial meeting in 1919 to form the organization that eventually became the most unique professional sports franchise in the United States. The Packers became the Packers, in fact, because Lambeau was working for the Indian Packing Company at the time.

According to the official team history, Lambeau was a $250-per-month shipping clerk but managed to talk the company into spending $500 to pay for the new football team's jerseys. Hence, the "Packers" were born.

At 21, Lambeau became the Packers player-captain-coach. His career record of 226-132-22 as a coach makes him one of seven coaches to top the 200-victory mark. He won six NFL championships, was a charter member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963 and, oh yeah, has a stadium named after him. I'm glad to see our modern-day committee didn't forget there was a man before there was Lambeau Field.

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