Programming note: Minicamp coverage!

Only one thing separates NFL veteran minicamps from organized team activities (OTAs). Minicamps are mandatory, meaning players under contract can be fined for missing them. OTAs are voluntary, which means players are subject only to public criticism and shaming if they choose to train elsewhere.

So if there is any time to pack up the NFC North Winnebago and travel during the offseason, it's now. We'll start this week with the Green Bay Packers' minicamp, which I plan to cover on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've got a few blog items in mind, but by all means let me know what you're hoping to learn via the mailbag.

And just to provide advance warning: I'm off next week because of a previously-scheduled commitment, leaving me unable to attend either the mandatory minicamps of either the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions. Our friends at ESPNChicago.com will have the Bears' minicamp swamped, and I'll do everything I can to catch up on the Lions' when I return June 17. After that, it's off to the Minnesota Vikings' minicamp from June 18-20.

I'll check in when I arrive in Green Bay this evening.