Reggie Bush's projection for Lions' offense

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Reggie Bush's contention that the Detroit Lions should finish the 2013 season as the NFL's top-ranked offense drew some chuckles here at Green Bay Packers minicamp. It also brought some back-handed support from ESPN analysts Darren Woodson and Cris Carter in this video.

Woodson: "They're probably going to be down most of the game, so they're probably going to have to throw the ball a lot."

Carter: "They can be No. 1 and still only win five or six games. They're the worst team in that division."

Technically, the NFL ranks offenses by total yardage rather than points or any efficiency statistic. We can all agree yardage isn't the best indicator of a successful offense. There is no doubt the Lions have the skill players to be among the NFL's best offenses this season, especially if their rebuilt offensive line does its part. Will they be the best? I'm not even sure how to measure that.