BBAO: Charles Tillman vs. Calvin Johnson

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Sam Monson's snap-by-snap analysis of Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman's 2012 season over at Pro Football Focus includes a detailed breakdown of Tillman's two games against Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.

When matched up against Tillman in those two games, Johnson caught five passes on 14 targets. Of those catches, all but one came when Tillman was in a soft "Cover-3" shell that appeared to Monson to be designed to concede short routes.

Those figures proved a metaphor for Tillman's entire season. According to Monson, Tillman allowed 28 completions in 38 targets last season when in that softer coverage, but that percentage dipped to 34 receptions in 59 targets when he was in Cover-2 or man defense.

Everyone associates Tillman with his record-breaking ability to force fumbles from his position. But the crux of Monson's piece is that Tillman had an excellent 2012 season in coverage, far better than people might give him credit for, when given a chance by the scheme. The conclusion: "Charles Tillman might just be Darrelle Revis trapped in a zone defense."

The entire analysis is worth your time here on a steamy July morning. Continuing around the NFC North: