BBAO: A word of warning for Bears

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Reading Chris Houston's assessment of the 2012 Detroit Lions prompted me to re-publish it as a public service message for the 2013 Chicago Bears.

Last year's Lions group had a high number of veterans in contract years. The same goes for this season's Bears team. In speaking with Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News, Houston minced few words in describing the impact of that situation on a 4-12 season.

Houston: "It left a bad taste, but you can see the chemistry is so much better now. A lot of guys were working for themselves last year. We got a lot of young guys now and they listen, no big egos or nothing. It's going to be a much better year."

Contract situations don't by rule consume a team. The Bears' policy of holding off negotiating until after the season could serve as a motivator. If Houston is correct, however, the motivation it provided those affected with the Lions was not positive.

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