Have at It: Pro Bowl omissions

Putting together Tuesday’s post on the Pro Bowl -- and reading my colleague Paul Kuharsky’s annual screed on the voting procedures here -- got me thinking. (Dangerous, I know.)

We’ve got some players who make it based on the reputation they developed in previous seasons. We’ve got others who receive votes (at least from fans, anyway) because of the team they play for. Now, we have some players campaigning for themselves on Twitter. (Lest we forget there are usually six-figure bonuses at stake!)

There are all kinds of imperfections in the system, occasionally leading to glaring shutouts. So in your mind, who are the best players in the NFC North who have never made a Pro Bowl?

Generally, these players can fall into three categories. Either they were: (a) snubbed; (b) play a particularly deep position; or (c) don’t have the personality or “big plays” to get noticed.

I’ll throw you an example of each type of player below to get your mental juices flowing. Hopefully this exercise will help some fans focus as they continue voting over the next few weeks. As always, I’ll do my best to cull your best answers and provide my own take by Friday morning. Have at It.