What will Favre, Part II reveal?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
We plan to watch the second part of Brett Favre's Fox News Channel interview ourselves before passing judgment on what reads like a verbal takedown of general manager Ted Thompson. According to a transcript obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Favre will detail several instances when Thompson did not take his advice on personnel and hiring matters.

Favre goes on to say that none of the issues "had anything to do with me retiring" but used them to illustrate why he doesn't fully trust Thompson -- and, implicitly, why the public shouldn't, either. But it's only fair not to jump to conclusions when dealing with criticism of this magnitude.

There are plenty of questions to consider. Among them:

  • If failing to influence front-office decisions had nothing to do with retirement, then why mention them? To justify Favre's request for release?

  • Is Favre risking his chances of landing with another team? If he sounds insubordinate in his interview, would a potential suitor be scared off?

  • How intent was Favre on getting Steve Mariucci interviewed when Thompson hired coach Mike McCarthy? By revealing the information now, is Favre undermining McCarthy in the Packers' locker room?

As we did Monday night, we'll endeavor to post a full transcript Tuesday night after the interview airs.